Voice Over Wi-Fi Phones, Gateways and Applications

Mitel offers a choice of full-featured, integrated wireless IP solutions to suit your geographic and technology preferences (DECT and Wi-Fi / 802.11). These solutions permit the easy addition of wireless IP handsets to an existing Mitel IP communications platform.

Organizations with legacy PBX environments can also access the benefits of wireless IP solutions. Using a Mitel IP communications platform as a wireless gateway, you can add full wireless IP functionality to an existing PBX in an incremental fashion and avoid the need for expensive PBX upgrades.

MiVoice Wireless Messaging Gateway (WSM3)

The Mitel Wireless Services Messaging (WSM) gateway enables the wireless phones to function as two-way messaging and alarming devices allowing integration to other enterprise systems or specialized applications to provide mobile workers access to real-time critical information.

MiVoice Business Multi-Instance

Mitel MiVoice Business Multi-Instance provides a dense, scalable, and energy-efficient communication services platform, while maintaining the flexibility of completely distinct PBX instances.

Mitel Business Dashboard

Mitel Business Dashboard drives resource optimization in your business with real-time and historical views of what is happening within your business.