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Public, Private, and Hybrid Cloud Communications

In business, as in nature, no two clouds are identical. Fortunately, there’s a whole continuum of deployment options available to fit your goals and your budget, whether you’re looking to move your applications into the public cloud, build your own private cloud or create a hybrid between the two. With flexibility like that, it’s no wonder so many businesses are migrating to cloud communications.

Mitel is number one in market share for business cloud communications.

How it all works

With MiCloud, you get a business phone system that just works, but for those of you interested in what’s under the hood, let’s break it down. The brains of the system reside in our geo-redundant data centers and continue to provide service even in the rare event one goes down. Information and voice calls securely traverse the public Internet to reach their final destination using voice over Internet protocols (VoIP). Employees enjoy the same communications functionality regardless of whether they’re are in an office, on the road, or working from home.

Not just any cloud, MiCloud

MiCloud Connect

Your communications system should move you forward, not hold you back. MiCloud Connect, enables reduced costs and increased business agility. With effective bundling of advanced cloud-based business communications, MiCloud Connect features a common, simple user experience across devices.

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MiCloud Flex

How you communicate with customers and partners says a lot about your brand. With MiCloud Flex, you’re sending a message that says we’re flexible, available, reliable and simple to work with.

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