Outbound Contact Center Solutions

Engage customers proactively and boost agent efficiency 

Automated outbound dialing is a powerful tool for teams looking to provide proactive outreach and execute campaigns efficiently. By eliminating guesswork and automatically connecting agents with customers, outbound dialing solutions can maximize agent productivity and deliver the information required for a successful interaction.

Businesses can use outbound campaigns can to uncover potential revenue opportunities, disseminate important business information or even support business operations outside the contact center (for example, reminding customers of upcoming appointments or past due payments). This level of service helps businesses differentiate themselves by providing an intimate experience that positively impacts customer satisfaction and retention.


Top Benefits of Outbound Contact Center Solutions

Enhanced Customer Service Delivery

Scripting, action prompts, and CRM pop-ups equip agents with the necessary information for informed and personal customer interactions.

Actionable Insights and Reporting

Measure outbound dialing to ensure your contact center runs at optimal efficiency—and uncover buying patterns to boost sales of additional products, services or upgrades.

Intelligent Lead Management

With visual data segmentation and call recycling tools, you can ensure leads are handled appropriately and allow managers to adjust campaigns on the fly without downtime.

Painless I.T. Management

Simplify I.T. management with inbound and outbound workflows, visual programming interfaces and support for resilient, highly available architectures.



Mitel's outbound contact center solutions are ideal for businesses looking to equip their outbound contact centers with preview, progressive, power and predictive dialing. They're also well suited for blended contact centers looking to maximize agent productivity with outbound and multimedia interactions between inbound calls. Best of all, Mitel solutions are fully compliant with automated dialing regulations.