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Connect your mobile workforce to supercharge your business’s performance

A day with a field services technician

It’s easy to talk about saving time, driving customer satisfaction, increasing throughput and boosting ROI with field services apps with embedded communications. But what does that really look like?

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Charlie Jackson - FieldAware

Powering seamless field services

Hear Field Aware CEO Charlie Jackson describe how the company is using Mitel Embedded Communications to change the way field service companies collaborate to drive productivity for their clients.

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Here are some of the things field services workers can do from within the FieldAware app in real-time, simultaneously and naturally.
  • Contact customers and colleagues
  • Record contacts
  • Take verbal notes or videos
  • Finish and confirm jobs
Then your field tech can simply get on with their business—more efficiently, productively and profitably.

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Seamless Communications and Collaboration

In a world of mobile and cloud technologies, enterprises can redesign their business processes with tools like embedded communications. For the mobile workforce, seamless real time communications tools bring data and analysis together to enhance both customer and worker experience. Connected enterprises work more efficiently, and can leverage the capabilities of their company to every customer engagement. The end result is a game-changing solution for service workers in the field and their customers.

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