Professional Services for Contact Center

Start On Your Journey To Modernize, Scale, And Drive To A New Level Of Business Performance

Modernize Your Contact Center by:

  • Getting to the latest software release faster
  • Migrating to the cloud from premise-based equipment
  • Adding multimedia on top of your existing voice Contact Center
  • Replacing a legacy system that lacks flexibility and no longer meets your business needs

Scale your Contact Center by:

  • Adding capacity to your high volume workflows
  • Adding system redundancy
  • Virtualizing with Mitel’s best in class software
  • Adding remote agent capabilities

Driving your Contact Center operations to a new level of business performance at its simplest means discrete initiatives such as:

  • Automating and optimizing your call, media routing, and contact treatment applications
  • Better forecasting and managing your workforce
  • Improving the visibility of your business performance via reports and dashboards.

At other times, you have broader needs that require deeper business analysis, process integration and a wider scope of action. Here you need to set project priorities relative to corporate or business unit strategy, and carefully plan project execution, taking into account changes needed in people, policies and procedures as well as in the technology. Making gains in strategic business performance could mean discovering how to differentiate your customer experience, to increase revenue per contact, and to measure loyalty.

At Mitel Professional Services, we recognize that results don’t just happen overnight. Your journey starts with careful prioritization and planning before you can get to meaningful solution design and deployment. Our service delivery methodology is rigorous enough for your most sophisticated requirements and flexible enough to provide the service level you need.


Mitel worked with a Higher Education IT team with 34 campuses in cities around the US to consult and design to scale their Contact Center to continue to provide high-quality career education that prepares graduates for the real-life job market and helps them find employment. The consulting engagement included planning for 360 premium agents that needed flexible IVR and design an outbound call flow.

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