Implementation Services

From concept to installation to cutover, your Mitel communications solution will be planned to perfection.

Companies invest time and money to ensure that they choose the right Unified Communications solution to deliver benefits throughout the organization and to ensure that the business is successful. The justification for this investment is likely to include a business case based on improving methods of contacting customers and operational efficiencies.

Project Management Services

Critical to the successful implementation of a new communications solution or major upgrade, Mitel project management teams are experts in delivering projects based on the principles of quality, time, and cost. Using industry best practice processes, each project is planned and managed to ensure business success.

Installation Services

Purchasing a new or replacement communications system is a significant investment for any organization and key to a smooth implementation is a quality installation service. Mitel has experience throughout its history of implementing solutions for customers of all sizes and levels of complexity. Certified field service engineers have the detailed knowledge of the products in the Mitel solution, providing the expertise that will deliver a fully operational system at the end of the project.


A key element of a solution implementation plan should be to ensure that users can utilize the system efficiently and effectively from day one. To cope with the inevitable ongoing changes that occur in companies and organizations, Mitel University provides System Administration Training on all platform and application solutions. End User training can be provided with the “Train the Trainer” option being a very cost-effective solution. Feature Teacher, the software-based end user training tool from Mitel, provides organizations with the ability to ensure all users have instant ongoing access to learn and test their knowledge, as well as improve their ability to get the most out of the systems provided to them.

Mitel has a proven history of implementing communications solutions of all sizes and levels of complexity. Likewise, the Mitel engineers assigned to your project will have the familiarity, confidence, and competence to install your solution properly and efficiently.