Mitel and VMware

Voice and data applications can now be implemented and managed on the same virtualized servers.

What used to be two separate endeavors – requiring distinct infrastructure and different skill sets – is now one unified strategy. Simplifying deployment, maintenance, upgrades, scalability, usability... everything.

“It was a big deal for us, the Mitel and VMware partnership...Their solution is stable, tested...and actually works.” --Amit Mantri, Director of Network Operations, Intrasphere Technologies, Inc.

The promise of “simply communicating” starts with a simple premise: Voice is just another app.

Mitel’s strategic partnership with VMware is the catalyst for transformation.

Together, Mitel and VMware cracked the code on how to add real-time voice applications to virtualized servers without experiencing latency issues that affect call quality.

Virtual Desktop Solutions

Our relationship with VMware continues to transform unified communications. For example, Mitel introduced a series of Virtual Desktop UCC solutions, which essentially integrates the office phone into the portable desktop.

Integrated Business Collaboration Applications

Mitel and VMware Zimbra have recently announced the integration of click-to-call, visual voicemail, and call logs with the Zimbra 8 web client.

More than 2,000 Mitel clients of all sizes have already deployed virtualized voice and are reaping the tremendous value of the Mitel–VMware partnership. This is where the industry is heading. See you in the data center.


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