Mitel and BlackBerry

Our ability to deliver effective communication solutions depends on strong partnerships with best-of-breed technology providers who share our vision

Creating remarkable functionality in motion

Business and “office” don’t necessarily go hand and hand anymore. But business and handhelds? Most definitely. More and more workers are getting the job done on the road, in a home office or at some other location with the help of their trusty smartphone and/or tablet. So at Mitel, we’ve set about making these devices as functional as possible.

That’s the value of our strategic partnership with BlackBerry. By collaborating with a global innovator in wireless solutions, we can make key business voice applications accessible on BlackBerry smartphones and the BlackBerry PlaybookT tablet.

This opens up a world of possibility — ensuring you’re always in touch with:

  • the freedom of an in-office communications experience from anywhere, and
  • the freedom of a single identity: one phone number, voice mailbox and extension