MiCloud Video Conferencing

Unlock the power of videoconferencing and enjoy the face-to-face experience anywhere in the world.

Depending on which study you reference, 55-90 percent of human communication is nonverbal. So how do you make sure your intent is coming across loud and clear when you can’t be there in person? One word—video.

Whether you’re in a conference room, on your laptop or holding your smart phone, we help you connect with HD-quality—the next best thing to being there. Plus, you can save travel costs, IT budget and frustration along the way.

It’s all made possible through our partnership and integration with the videoconferencing geniuses at Vidyo. Contact us today and start having powerful conversations.

Do not Miss A Thing

Richer conversations, greater clarity—with HD-quality video, you can see every expression, gesture and detail.

Enjoy Device Flexibility

Videoconference on the everyday devices people are using right now, including PCs, smartphones and tablets.

Cut Hardware Costs

No need for expensive hardware or proprietary networks—use existing devices over standard Internet protocol.

Encourage Interaction

When it’s easier to connect, you will see employees, customers and partners working together like never before.

Streamline Management

Easy system access and control are the natural result of our user-centric approach to infrastructure.

Simplify Support

With user-friendly software clients built for familiar employee devices, user support demands are sure to be low.