Embedded Communications

Be remarkable. In a sea of choices, make your mobile app stand out from all the rest.

Do your customers... 

  • Resort to base mobile functions to communicate in the field?
  • Get frustrated between app usage and base mobile use?
  • Lose critical business information when communicating by mobile?
  • Find clients abandoning your mobile app for ad-hoc communication or incremental mobile apps?
  • Use secondary mobile apps or mobile devices for location services? 

Do you...

  • Struggle to embed communications within your mobile app?
  • Want to avoid cloud communications (UCaaS) development functions?
  • Want access to a broad suite of 4G mobile, enterprise communications or contact center capabilities for your mobile app?
  • Want to drive unique differentiation for your mobile app? 

Mobile app incremental productivity

With Mitel Embedded Communications, you can snap in messaging, video and voice with ease right within the app. It’s technology that makes business communications seamless so that service workers can be more efficient, productive and profitable. 
  • Save company time with Intelligent Dispatch
  • Alert customers to appointments and service arrivals—raising satisfaction with Service ETAs
  • Solve customer problems on the first visit with the “Find an Expert” function  
  • Use Embedded Communications in your business mobile app with developer friendly Mitel API's & SDK's 


Powering seamless field services 

Hear FieldAware CEO Charlie Jackson describe how the company is using Mitel Embedded Communications to change the way field service companies collaborate to drive productivity for their clients.  

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Embedded Communications in action

See how the customer, dispatcher, technician and field services expert experiences improve in this step-by-step walkthrough.


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Seamless Communications and Collaboration

In a world of mobile and cloud technologies, enterprises can redesign their business processes with tools like embedded communications. For the mobile workforce, seamless real time communications tools bring data and analysis together to enhance both customer and worker experience. Connected enterprises work more efficiently, and can leverage the capabilities of their company to every customer engagement. The end result is a game-changing solution for service workers in the field and their customers.

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About the Mitel Accelerator

The Mitel Accelerator works with select forward-looking customers to create new products and services that solve real business problems at the intersection of mobile, enterprise and cloud communications.

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