Mitel NuPoint UM

With Mitel NuPoint Unified Messaging, businesses can enable users to manage their voice mail, email, and fax messages from their PCs or telephones

Take responsiveness from aspiration to reality with Mitel NuPoint Unified Messaging. With Mitel NuPoint UM, users can manage their voice mail, email, and fax messages from their PCs or telephones, driving user productivity.

In addition to this, NuPoint allows inbound callers to your organization to quickly find the person they need to talk with, using speech-enabled auto attendant and call routing functionality.

Empowering users with control of their messaging

When users control how and when calls reach them, they have more flexibility and can respond faster. NuPoint unified messaging capabilities allows users to retrieve fax and voice messages from either their PC or their mobile device, access intuitive voice mail control via softkeys on their Mitel MiVoice phones, and provide advanced call routing capabilities at the voice mailbox level.

This empowers users to send, forward, save, and sort messages for faster responses to colleagues and clients.

Further user control and messaging flexibility comes from:

  • Fax services that proactively provide fax senders with transmission status information (successful or unsuccessful) to their email inbox.
  • Speech Navigation allows users to manage their messages using simple spoken commands in NA English.

Inbound callers connect faster

Inbound callers want good service and to connect with the right person easily. NuPoint enhances client service with a sophisticated speech auto-attendant where callers just say a name or department and they are automatically transferred to that number.

Language choice means better inbound caller service

For companies operating in a bilingual environment, the ability to provide service to callers in the language of their choice creates a positive experience. When set up for bilingual service, NuPoint offers callers a choice of language. Once a selection is made, remaining prompts are played in the selected language.

Support for virtual deployments

Operating in a VMware vSphere environment, Virtual NuPoint delivers a highly available solution to meet the local and geo-diverse business continuity needs of today's corporations, including support for VMware Site Recovery Manager, High Availability, and other vCenter Management Tools. With virtualized NuPoint, businesses can achieve centralized administration, reduced hardware requirements, easier software upgrades, and increased data and application security.

Mitel NuPoint Unified Messaging is available in two offerings:

NuPoint 60
This full-featured and flexible software-only solution delivers all the functionality of NuPoint unified messaging and scales to 57,000 mailboxes.   It is also offered as a virtual application.

NuPoint 120
This full-featured, turn-key solution delivers all the functionality of NuPoint unified messaging solution and scales to 120,000 mailboxes.  It is also offered as a virtual application.

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