MiContact Center Management and Reporting Applications

Contact center management and reporting applications provide a rich tool-set for business and operational insight into your contact center’s performance

contact center management

MiContact Center Management

MiContact Center Management is the foundation for the MiContact Center Solution. It provides advanced, browser-based tools for reporting on and monitoring all agents and queues, over any date and time horizon.

MiContact Center Management enables you to:

  • View historical events for a particular date, in simulated real time, and view detailed and accurate reports on queue and agent performance
  • Monitor all contact center activities for queues and agents in real-time
  • Forecast the number of agents required to meet service-level goals based on historical data and "what-if" scenarios
  • Send online messages / broadcasts to agents and supervisors quickly and securely
  • Control user access to applications and devices
  • Gain an overall view of trunk traffic with the Mitel Traffic Analysis option
  • Integrate with Microsoft Lync 2010/2013 presence and instant messaging
  • Generate tailored reports that display just the statistics you need using flexible reporting options
  • Virtualize contact center support for multi-site, geographically dispersed contact centers
  • Rely on automatic call distribution (ACD) resiliency in the event of a controller / network failure

Mitel Interactive Contact Center and Visual Queue

Respond immediately to changing call volumes, deploy contact center resources efficiently, effectively manage agents, prioritize calls, and minimize wait times. Mitel Interactive Contact Center gives you the tools you need to respond to changing contact volumes immediately, by:

  • Dynamically controlling the availability of individual agents and queues
  • Scheduling queues to open or close automatically based on business hours
  • Enabling do not disturb (DND) on specific queues, diverting callers to alternate answering points
  • Assigning make busy with reason codes to individual agents

Mitel Interactive Visual Queue is a contact recognition and prioritization add-on application for Interactive Contact Center. By knowing which callers are in queue, how long they have been waiting, and their answer position you can dynamically prioritize contacts and respond to changing contact volumes immediately.

Multimedia Contact Center

Our Multimedia Contact Center Solution enables you to differentiate your business by empowering customers with flexible media options, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty with first contact resolution and quick and efficient service across all media, and use flexible workflow routing to enhance the routing of customer inquiries and improve the efficiency of your contact center.

Multimedia Contact Center enables you to:

  • Support customers through the media of their choice: voice, email/fax, social media and self service
  • Choose the email infrastructure that best suits your needs with support for Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office 365, and Gmail (using Google Apps for Business)
  • Create highly flexible, integrated multimedia workflows from a visual, drag-and-drop user interface that can include auto-responses for self service
  • Provide customers with feature-rich Web chat across all devices
  • Publish estimated wait times for all medias and all queues to your corporate Website so customers can make informed decisions about how to contact you
  • Support pushing and pulling of customer inquiries from multimedia queues and skills-based multimedia routing
  • Provide managers and supervisors with easy to use, sophisticated multimedia real-time and historical reporting capabilities

Integrate with third-party social media monitoring solutions such as BizVu Social, Trackur, and Imooty and integrate with LiveLook for third-party co-browsing support

MiVoice Business Reporter

MiVoice Business Reporter (formerly Call Accounting) is a comprehensive call costing solution available as a single or multi-site solution. Monitor and control telecommunication costs with a true picture of how much money is being spent and who is spending it. Optionally, MiVoice Business Reporter can be integrated with Mitel Contact Center Management.

With MiVoice Business Reporter, you can:

  • Monitor usage and establish call patterns for departments and work groups
  • Track, report, and control telecommunication costs, and verify carrier bills
  • Perform cost recovery and carrier bill reconciliation
  • Incorporate data from multiple telephone systems to get the "big picture"
  • See the availability of your employees, who they are speaking with, how long they have been talking, and resolve misuse of the telephone system
  • Produce flexible rate tables tailored to your needs

Workforce Scheduling

Ensure the right number of agents with the right skills are always available to meet contact center service levels. Avoid unnecessary scheduling, avoid conflicts, and reduce costs while freeing administrators from manual scheduling. Respond to changing resource demands on the fly. Mitel Workforce Scheduling simplifies workforce management, forecasting, and monitoring with tools to effectively control costs.

With personnel costs consuming upwards of 70 percent of contact center budgets, effective scheduling is critical to cost control. Workforce Scheduling empowers you to:

  • Automatically schedule agents to meet forecasted activity levels and adjust schedules on the fly, based on changing conditions
  • Efficiently schedule agents by assigning them tasks based on skill set
  • Automatically generate reports on the financial impact of each schedule
  • Plan and track training, meetings, vacations, and sick leave with sophisticated accrual-based leave planning
  • Store employee skills, hire dates, payroll rates, addresses, and emergency information with employee profiles
  • Build adherence parameters from scheduled events including start of shift, breaks, lunches, jobs, and end of shift, and associate them to automatic call distribution contact center events

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