MiCollab Virtual NuPoint Unified Messaging

Mitel NuPoint is a robust, highly scalable solution for the virtual environment simplifies messaging by unifying voice mail, email and faxes in one location

Ideal for virtualized environments, MiCollab Virtual Unified Messaging is a highly scalable and robust messaging solution. It’s a virtual appliance that can be deployed in a VMware vSphere enabled data center alongside other business applications, and managed like any other application in the data center.

Operational efficiencies of virtualized UM include:

  • Centralized administration
  • Reduced hardware requirements
  • Easier software upgrades
  • Increased data and application security

High availability and fewer user disruptions

MiCollab Virtual UM works seamlessly with VMware High Availability, providing local failover and recovery. In the event of a data center failure, a new instance of vNuPoint UM automatically begins on an alternate server within a few minutes—most users will not even notice.

Protection from local disasters

MiCollab Virtual UM supports VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) to provide continuity when disaster strikes a data center. When SRM is invoked, another instance of vNuPoint UM will restart at the alternate failover data center. All system configuration and user data is preserved through the use of shared network storage infrastructure that is part of the VMware vSphere and SRM deployment.

All the benefits of Unified Messaging from Mitel:

  • Simplify messaging by managing voice mail and faxes from your email box.
  • Improves customer service levels and offloads the company receptionist from routine calls with auto-attendant.
  • Empowers users to control how and when calls reach them with personal call routing options such as find me–follow me and the ability to create personal auto-attendants, with options such as scheduling and caller ID filtering.
  • Fits with your existing infrastructure, including LDAP and Active Directory, and leading email and presence solutions.


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