CMG Software Suite

CMG Web Software is a presence and activity platform for office users that addresses different business communication needs in the Enterprise

CMG Web enables users to do “smart-search” directory services, click-to-dial, activity timeline and manage their call-routing preferences based on the calendar/activities. The integration with Mitel BluStar Server, enables users to see, in real-time, their colleagues’ rich presence information, including BluStar user presence status, calendar activity and line state from all available sources provided by the Mitel BluStar Server.

CMG Web users can set calendar activities to define how to be reached and route their calls, depending on the situation. As an example, a user can set-up their profile so that when they go into a meeting, their calls can be rerouted to e.g. an attendant, voice mail or to their assistant. If the user then leaves the office, CMG Web will route the calls to their mobile or personal number if this is set up in the user profile.

As the Mitel CMG Web interface is developed using responsive web technology, the web pages will automatically adjust the content presentation to fit any screen size. This means the web user interface is accessible from any device (PCs, smart phones & tablets) catering to different business user profiles. This offers significant benefit for users, as it avoids the need for different mobile "apps" per OS type, thus assuring a consistent user experience for any user, regardless of the device they are using and their location.

CMG Web Highlights

  • Use on any device – PC, smart phones, tablets – real-time responsive web technology
  • UProgressive directory search with click-to-dial
  • Real time presence info from different sources - including line state
  • Activity timeline management - including diversion services
  • Quick application for one-click activity management
  • Calendar integration

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