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MSA enables third-party partners (3PPs) to create applications and services that integrate and interoperate with Mitel’s core business communications portfolio.

As a function of member level, MSA developer resources can include:

  • Developer Tools. APIs, drivers, interfaces and protocols, lab systems, toolkits, and technical documentation to enable rapid development and integration of products with the full range of Mitel communications products.
  • Training. Access to web based and classroom training sessions on the Mitel product & API portfolio.
  • Developer Support. Centralized access with incident tracking, to maximize the value of APIs and speed development.
  • Interoperability Test Resources and Certification. To lower the cost-of-entry, speed access to the Mitel channel, improve 3PP product quality, and encourage customer confidence in 3PP offerings.
  • Sales and Marketing Support. Support for marketing efforts via the Mitel Global Solutions Catalogue (GSC), other Web content, and regular reseller communications that advertise available products and services to Mitel resellers and customers.

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