City of Porvoo, Finland

As more companies undergo digital transformations, governments throughout the world are trying to provide the experience their citizens demand. Watch how the City of Porvoo used Mitel for its digital transformation.



Petteri Kaartinen: My name is Petteri Kaartinen and I'm head of Intelligent Communication at Telia in Finland. We have approximately 21,000 employees that serve around 17 million subscribers.

Our society is changing very rapidly through digital transformation and, for companies, the need for a digitalization partner is the key driving force. We realized that very early and supported this digital transformation, selecting Mitel as our business communication partner.

With an open, flexible and platform from Mitel, we can easily support the business needs for both the small and large enterprise's price market. The city of Porvoo is a good example.

Porvoo IT Director Anders Backstrom: The city of Porvoo has more than 50,000 residents and it's a very popular town for tourists. We have about 3,600 employees and we provide all public services to the residents and visitors.

And this means that we have to have a very good communications system because we need to be able to communicate very flexibly with our customers and residents but also to keep up the internal communication so that we are working in an efficient way.

We needed to get a mobile-centric solution because this town's goal is to be very digital. And then that means also that we had to have some integrations; we needed to have Skype for Business integration, we needed Outlook integration.

We needed to make all our electronic communications systems interact fluently with one another and for us this is very important and it will become increasingly important.

Kaartinen: In Finland we have very high market penetration, mobile usage and one of the biggest successes has been that our communications platform has the required mobile business capability. Today we see tremendous growth in our business communications solutions. We have not only increased our sales, but we have also increased efficiency and increased enterprise customer satisfaction.

Here we are talking about the return of experience rather than the classic return of investment. That includes the benefits of employees and customer satisfaction. We have today very good and open dialogue with Mitel where we, together, not only discuss the future but also shape it through continuous updates and improvements.

We are very pleased with Mitel's progress, deliveries and support, and we are looking forward to moving into the future together.