Case Study: Michael Johnson Performance Center


From the Video

I’m Michael Johnson, founder and president of Michael Johnson Performance. Prior to starting Michael Johnson Performance ten years ago, I was an athlete. I’m a four-time Olympic gold medalist and a nine-time World Champion.

At MJP, we train individual athletes and teams from all sports, so our focus is on developing and helping the athleticism that any athlete might need to excel in their particular sport. The Dallas Stars are one of our clients, we work with the Dallas Cowboys, but as a global organization we also work with Olympic federations from all around the globe.

We certainly have our challenges as a global organization in having to try to stay connected with coaches and have coaches connected back to the headquarters regardless of where they may be. Everybody has their role to play, but working together is how we achieve the results that our athletes are looking for.

Our company prides itself on the science behind training, the technology behind performance. We needed a system that would support our beliefs. As we began looking for a partner to support our business needs, we didn’t really know what was out there. When we actually began to research the capabilities that Mitel could provide us, we were blown away

Our clients rely on us for high-performance solutions for them – they’re high-performing athletes. That’s what we look for in the tools that we use and our coaches use in order to maintain contact and communications with our clients and our coaches out in the field.

The things that Mitel could provide us, along with the endless support that we have received, has just far surpassed our wildest imagination. The video collaboration that we’re able to use and connect on a personal level with our athletes, our clients, our coaches is something we value for our company, for our employees. We use the Mitel system to integration with our app so that our sales team can have the information when they’re making calls, reaching out to parents – all that information’s right at their fingertips.

Working with Mitel has been fantastic for us. Having a platform that we understand and that we can rely on and we know is going to be consistent has been a real benefit for us and also a real benefit for our coaches – if they’re based in another location, knowing that they have a consistent platform that’s going to work for them and that they can depend on has been fantastic.