Case Study: Carleton University



Tens of thousands of students. Dozens of buildings. Countless systems. The numbers behind the curtain at a typical university are impressive. And it takes an equally impressive communications system to keep it all running smoothly. That's why Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario has invested heavily in its communications strategy to ensure downtime and emergencies don't stand in the way of learning, research and changing the world.



• Large, multi-building campus
• Critical safety responsibilities, relying heavily on communications in times of urgency
• Need for 24/7 system availability without disruptions in service quality or performance
• Need to maximize in-house IT resources
• Desire for actionable system data


Mitel Performance Analytics
Mitel Mass Notification
MiVoice Business
MiVoice Border Gateway
MiContact Center
MiVoice Call Recording


• Constant system monitoring, alerting and reporting for early detection of performance issues
• Significantly reduced downtime due to proactive handling of reported issues
• Powerful mass notification capability that can reach entire campus population in case of emergency
• Enhanced team collaboration through tools that keep staff connected and productive
• Improved handling of student and staff communications, with reporting insights to analyze interactions and improve student experience