Mitel Affiliates

Mitel maintains a number of strategic technology partnerships that enable us to easily integrate with industry leaders and complement our core solutions with unique and innovative solutions for the benefit of customers.


AirVM delivers affordable cloud computing solutions for any environment. Using the latest VMware technology, AirVM deploys scalable virtual servers at significant cost savings over regular physical hardware. Our enterprise grade VMware service achieves the highest levels of performance, reliability, scalability and efficiency for your organization.


Benbria delivers a multi-modal notification system that enables organizations to increase customer loyalty, improve performance and reduce costs via streamlined communications to employees, customers and targeted groups of people. Benbria BlazeCast® empowers organizations with accountability, escalation and resolution of routine tasks and critical issues by enabling faster delivery and response to vital information through cross-media communications.

Martello Technologies

Martello provides fault, performance and configuration management for Mitel business communications solutions and the associated network infrastructure. Our MarWatch cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) monitors voice quality and other performance indicators with real-time alerts for faults and secure remote access to troubleshoot from anywhere.


Teldio enhances the value of unified communications platforms by seamlessly incorporating two-way radio networks through a suite of network capabilities and applications. The flagship product, Radio Branch Exchange (RBX), delivers a total IP phone user experience to two-way radios at a fraction of the cost of cellular, satellite and WiMAX solutions.


Telchemy is the world's leading provider of real-time analytics software for Data, Voice and Video service quality management. Our next generation performance management solutions implement a highly scalable distributed architecture using virtualized software probes or agents integrated directly into network infrastructure, accurately measuring service performance in real time and providing the quality management layer for the emerging SDN and NFV.
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YUPIQ enables the power of social media through your multimedia contact center solution. Given the worldwide infatuation with sharing information, opinions and questions on social media channels, your company needs to be prepared to react in order to protect your brand. YUPIQ delivers a solution-based software that enables you to stay on top of what is being said about your brand.