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Fixed Mobile Convergence Cell Phone Client for use with the Comdasys FMC Controller

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The Comdasys FMC Solution is a Client-Server solution. The client gives you a simple and intuitive GUI that hides all the complexities from the user. Simply make a call and use whatever features the client offers you. The Client will take care of selecting the best available baseband, the cheapest available cellular route while offering you access to your PBX features.The MC Client also offers an integrated GUI for all your communication needs, Telephony, Instant Messaging and Presence.

The MC Client can be operated in full Dual Mode with full VoIP support (through either WiFi, 3G or both), Single Mode (signalling through data channel either cellular / 3G or WIFI and voice through cellular), and Cellular only. The Dual Mode and Single mode versions are equivalent in features and both include the Unified Communications features such as Presence and Instant Messaging, and interactive PBX feature use. The Single Mode version can be used as GSM only without utilizing a cellular data channel.

The dual mode capable client enables you to make phone calls both through WiFi as well as through the cellular network. It supports dynamic mid-call handovers between the basebands, enables Instant Messaging and SMS over WLAN and provides access to the PBX features through both GSM and WLAN.

The MC Client is currently available for the following handset platforms:

Comdasys is constantly expanding its client offering, so stay tuned for more platforms and features to follow.

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