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Single Number, Single Device

Today's business cards tell the story: one person, many phone numbers. But they don't speak to the wasted productivity, lost cycles and total cost of ownership that come with managing all of those numbers and devices across an enterprise. The Comdasys Mobile Convergence products enable enterprises to fully leverage their existing network infrastructure as well as their WIFI networks for enabling more efficient voice communication while drastically reducing the cost of mobile communication. As such, it is the most powerful Enterprise Fixed Mobile Convergence Solution on the market.


  • Cell Phone becomes corporate PBX extension with extension dialing and full-blown PBX feature access
  • Save Mobile Communication Cost through LCR and Travel SIM functionality
  • Improve Reachability of Employees and streamline corporate Communication
  • Leverage your own Network Infrastructure through Voice over WIFI functionality that enables improved indoor coverage and cordless phone replacement
  • Improved Control over Corporate Voice Communication
  • Bring Unified Communication out to your Coporate Mobile Phones and thus Mobilize your Unified Communication applications

Solution Architecture

Mobile Convergence Client

The client gives you a simple and intuitive GUI that hides all the complexities of Enterprise communication from the user. Simply make a call and use whatever features the client offers you. The Client will take care of selecting the best available baseband, the cheapest available cellular route while offering you access to your PBX features.The MC Client also offers an integrated GUI for all your communication needs, Telephony, Instant Messaging and Presence.

Mobile Convergence Controller

The Controller is a component that fits into your existing corporate IT infrastructure and implements all necessary functions to extend out your Enterprise communication features to the Mobile phone. It will interface with your corporate PBX as well as other services such as Presence and IM and transparently bring those services to your Mobile phone.

Contrary to competing offerings, the Comdasys Mobile Convergence Solution wants to leverage on your existing communication infrastructure. You hence do not need to upgrade your PBX, or replace your desktop phone to use it. Through our broad support for PBX systems from a multitude of vendors, we can integrate our Mobility solution with your existing equipment.

In addition to this, the Mobile Convergence Controller features sophisticated deployment functionality that will make deploying

Features & Benefits

Cost Saving:

  • Least Cost Routing with or without WLAN Integration for maximizing savings
  • Reduce Number of Communication devices e.g. Cordless Phone

Productivity Increase:

  • No more missed Calls and Missed Voicemails through Single Number
  • PBX Integration with Full Feature Access streamlining Business Communication
  • Extends Unified Communication such as IM and Presence to the Mobile Handset

Improved Reachability:

  • Single Device for all your Business Communication Needs
  • Improved In-Building Coverage through use of WIFI


  • Broad Handset Support of both Dual Mode and non Dual Mode Handsets
  • Most Advanced GSM and GPRS Integration on the market with full functionality available through GSM / GPRS only
  • Supports seamless mid-call handover of voice calls between a circuit-switched domain (cellular) and WLAN (SIP VoIP) and vice versa
  • Built-in Deployment Mechanisms for easily bringing the Client to the Mobile Handset without the need of extra device Management Solutions
  • Supports Separation of Voice and Signalling (Direct Media Connect)
  • Market Leader in integrating Unified Communication such as Instant Messaging and Presence
  • Developed and tested for interoperability with wide range of PBXs and softswitches.
  • Great Scalability from small groups to thousands of users
  • Enterprise class security with full encryption TLS / SRTP
  • Can be integrated with legacy PBXs by using the Comdasys MC Gateway (BRI, PRI, and other Trunking interfaces)
  • Redundancy Support for continuous operation

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